Energetic uses

Energetic methods of treatment have been tested for thousands of years. In particular in China and Japan they have been researched and developed, and have been used successfully for the treatment of ailments as well as in preventive medicine.

With its first cell division in the womb every organism is set up with its individual basic life energy. The ancient Chinese divided live energy into two components - yin and yang. Yin being the female part, earthly and negative, and yang the male part, cosmic, positive, hot and bright.

Both energy qualities are equally important and in a healthy person they are in a harmonious dynamic equilibrium.

In order for the energy to be able to circulate, it needs channels - the meridians. Here we also have yin and yang meridians.

Everything flowing through our body is connected through the meridian system. When we look at the course of the meridians we can easily understand that a scar on our abdomen can have an effect on our back and spinal discs, or a blocked sacroiliac joint can affect the sustentative bladder meridian.

Venobis energetic creams are perfectly suitable for the treatment of complete areas of skin and of scars. Energetic blockages are removed and the energy flow is encouraged.

Venobis actively supports energetic treatments and reinstates the biological balance!

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