Venobis Madre Selva Aloe Vera Gel

The "queen of the desert" has only been researched for a few decades. In the meantime, it was discovered at reputable universities that aloe vera contains more than 270 valuable ingredients.

The famous gel is won from the marrow of the leaves, which is used, amongst other things, in cosmetics and in medicine. The aloe Vera plant contains numerous valuable ingredients like vitamins, secondary plant compounds, amino acids and mineral nutrients.

It is said that Nefertiti and Cleopatra used an aloe paste for their skin and beauty care.


If to you dislike the natural odour of aloe vera, simply add a few drops of an ethereal oil of your choice!


Aloe Vera Liquid Gel comes in liquid form and Aloe Vera Super Gel has a gel-like consistency - 99.8% of pure aloe vera.

Aloe Vera:

It is used effectively for the treatment of abscesses, acne, athlete's foot, neurodermatitis, herpes, badly healing wounds, bruises, eczemas, dandruff, hairloss. Aloe vera works as a remedy for light burns (e.g. sunburn) or discomfort caused by neurodermatitis.

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