Venobis Madre Selva Care Lotion

Venobis Madre Selva has two functions:

1. Effective cleansing:

It removes unwanted matter like dead skin tissue, traces of impurities (e.g. from environmental pollution), make-up, sweat and sebum effectively from the skin.

2. Preserving the natural protective mechanisms of the skin:

It maintains the biological balance of the skin, preserves the hydro lipid film, stabilises the natural pH-value balances the natural moisture of the skin.


Venobis Madre Selva Care lotion can also be used as a face mask. Leave to work for 5 to 10 min. to calm irritated skin and supply it with extra moisture!

Venobis Madre Selva Care lotion contains witch hazel, extracts of camomile and balm, jojoba oil, olive oil and argan oil.

Witch hazel:

Use for light skin injuries and local inflammation of the skin. The effects are based on the contents of tannic acids. These are astringent, haemostatic and anti-inflammatory.


Real camomile is used externally for dermatitis and for sensitive skin.

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