Venobis Madre Selva Eye

Venobis Madre Selva Eye Care feeds the sensitive and thin skin around the eyes optimally and offers protection from environmental effects.

Special ingredients, like concentrates from aloe vera, marigold, box stalk and ivy, as well as argan oil stimulate the micro circulation, can reduce swelling and refresh the skin. Small wrinkles and lines are smoothed, dark rings and bags are decreased and your eyes look radiant.

Our eyes are an important communicative device. Signals we send out with our eyes are interpreted by our environment. Like our eyes, the eye area also sends out information about the state we are in, physical constitution and age. Rings and bags under the eyes indicate a lack of sleep, an unhealthy life style or a bad state of health.

Try Venobis Madre Selva Eye Care and your eyes will convince you!

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