Venobis Madre Selva Harmony

When applying Madre Selva Harmony, the velvety texture and soothing pleasant fragrance will convey a feeling of a balanced well-being.

Through regular application, your skin will become velvety smooth and supple. Due to its exquisite qualities and multiple range of application, this cream has a balancing and at the same time stimulating effect on dry as well as on oily skin, giving it a pleasant sensation of well-being.

Other qualities:

It works on deep skin layers, is harmonising and vitalising, astringent, with a high energetic conductivity and excellent tolerance.

With white sage (salvia blanca), jojaba oil, aloe vera, burdock (arctium lappa), sunflower oil and litsea cubea oil.


Like most sage types, white sage also has good skin-cleansing, antiseptic qualities.

Litsea cubea oil:

The fragrance of this ethereal oil encourages concentration, is antiseptic, cleans the air and provides fresh new energy.


Is detoxifying, alleviates rheumatism, ulcers, hair loss, skin problems, psoriasis, spots, open wounds, eczema and dandruff.

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