Venobis Handcreme

Beautiful hands are our calling card. The constant environmental effects like dry air, cold, sunlight, as well as aggressive substances, like washing liquids or soap etc., stress our hands daily. Therefore the right care is essential.

In addition, the natural ageing process implicates that we should start using hand creams regularly from the age of 25. Because Venobis hand cream is moisturizing and leaves a protective film on the skin, it only needs to be applied sparingly once or twice a day..

Venobis hand cream is a combination of carefully selected natural ingredients like Shea butter, jojoba oil, almond oil, aloe vera gel and the regenerating extract of the calendula. It is therefore also perfectly suitable to be used as a hand mask, which is recommended for very dry, rough and cracked skin.

For this treatment simply apply a thicker layer of cream and leave for approximately 20 minutes. We recommend a gentle hand massage to finish the treatment.

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