The quality of Venobis

It is a matter close to our hearts to produce highly effective and pure cosmetics from organic medicinal plants, because we know the demands on modern body care products.

Venobis is setting an example with its natural energetics cosmetics!

Through their special conductibility, valuable plant extracts and natural active ingredients apply their effect where it is needed. Venobis care range supports the harmonising and self regulation processes of the skin and boosts the general well-being.

Venobis’ products are genuinely natural because:
  • they only contain raw materials from controlled organic crops and certified wild collection for its production;
  • they contain no artificial colours, scents or preservatives, silicone, paraffin and other petroleum products;
  • they contain no GM-materials nor carry out animal experiments, or raw materials derived from animals;
  • they meet the BDIH criteria for controlled natural cosmetics and the quality of the products is guaranteed by independent external test centres.
BDIH Certification
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